the music man

every year, my school puts on a musical and sells tickets as a fundraiser for the school. i've been in many school musicals, 5 to be exact; Greece, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, Godspell, and Once on This Island. this year, we are doing the music man. i'm a salesman, that gets to wear a moustache, top hat, and a three piece suit. i open the show along with four other girls playing guys, and it's going to be so. much. fun. so here are some pictures of my script!

happy blogging!

does your school perform musicals? have you ever been in one?

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  1. We did that play too!!
    I was in it when I was little...I was Amaryllis! :)

  2. Aah! You're one of the salesmen? The ones with the "Whad'dya talk?" scene? That is the best scene in the entire play! O.o

  3. The Music Man is one of my family's favorites! That's awesome. :D
    I just found your blog (via maryann/shutter happy). I'm following. :)