okay! i have 2 annoucements for today...well actually 3 but we'll get to that later. the first annoucement...

look around...notice anything different? well of course you do! yes, i have decided to re-name my blog. the new name is creative bird. i really like it so i dont think i'll be changing it again anytime soon. and of course there is a new design to go with it! i really liked the orange and coral design...i had 3 different color schemes and i liked this one the best! so...what do you think??

second announcement. i am proud to announce geek chic! it's a tutorial blog so that all of you who want to learn more about blog designs, can have all the tutorials you need in one place! it is run by ashlyn, mary ann, and myself and we will each take turns posting about different things. please go check it out and follow us! :)

and the third smaller announcement...be on the lookout for photos later today or sometime tomorrow because today is my dad's birthday! happy birthday dad! <3

hope you all had a great weekend! i know i did :) it was spent watching football, and eating good food :) here is a picture just to prove my point:

we were over at a friends house and it was our giants accessories with his packers accessories...as you can see the giant gnome is on a platform :)

happy blogging!


  1. okay commenting from my ipod because i wanted to see your post :)
    your design looks so good! i really like the accordion hover effect. or i'm assuming it's hover on an actual computer, but the font changes when i click it on my ipod. awesome!

  2. @ mary ann
    yes, it's a hover! thanks i love it too :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    I think that blog is a great idea! I really would LOVE to know how to make super cool blogs(like this one!) I'm going to go follow right now!


  4. um, hey, fran? "a thirteen-year-old, blog-loving, photo-taking, cookie-eating, girl from New York" on your about me page sounds a lot like MY about me page... am i your inspiration?