2012 is already here

i must apologize for my absence...i have become extremely overwhelmed with life lately and i must say that i have neglected my blog just a tad. what have you been doing? you ask...well to start off, i did start up school again this week which takes up my day, and i also have basketball practice every day except for sunday. on thursday, i went from school, to basketball, to dance, to bed. and today we had our first game :) we lost, but we did pretty good for our first game and we play the same team next friday except that we are playing in our gym instead of theirs so maybe we will do better!! anyway...i'm going to post some pictures from new years eve that i still haven't posted, and i'm going to list a few goals for 2012.

 ^^ by BFF's hair after i braided it <3 ^^
 ^^ Abby; my BFF ^^
(it's root beer, don't worry :D) 

 ^^ it was sealed...we aren't that bad ;) ^^
 ^^ anna...abby's little sister who's 10; my other BFF ^^

 i <3 bokeh!! 

goals for 2012
-buy a macro lens
-meet a blogger in person
-frame and hang one of my pictures
-visit a state that i've never been to before
-create a 2013 calendar using my pictures
-shoot and make a foul shot the correct way (in basketball)
-run a mile (maybe)
-take a photography class
-do a photo shoot with a friend
-write in my journal every day for a month
-complete a 365/366
-have an 100 in one class on my report card for at least one quarter

happy 2012 everyone! :)


  1. looks like a great time! I love root beer, and bokeh :) especially of the rainbow variety.
    you should meet ME! :) come visit your aunt and uncle and just so happen to run into your blogger friend, mary ann.
    I have a 100 in one of my classes right now! It makes me so happy!

  2. you should meet me! your totally (un)loyal penpal! ;) haha nice goals! and looks like you had fun! :)

  3. i love your pictures! :D i also like your goals for 2012.

  4. LOVE that last picture! :)

    ...you should meet me too. :)

  5. cute pictures
    LOVE the that 5th photo