my birthday (even though it was a week ago)

first off, i must sincerely apologize for my absence. i have been superly duperly busy!! with my schedule being busy enough, and homework and all sorts of other things that i need to get done preparing for the holidays. so yes, i'm sure you all have seen the interesting, ahem, wonderful post that ashlyn and mary ann put together. i must say, i wasn't expecting that at all and i had no idea whatsoever that they had planned to do that. so anyway, yes my birthday was very very enjoyable i must say. i woke up, and opened a few presents along with eating birthday cake! then i went to school where my friends had decorated my locker, and i got many birthday wishes. then, at 12:39, when i was actually born my teacher stopped everyone in the middle of class and made them sing happy birthday to me! it was awesome, so then i went home and had my birthday party which was A LOT of fun. and during it, we went to see the annual christmas tree lighting, which was only about a block away. and after the tree lighting there was fireworks that we also stayed to watch. then 3 of my friends slept over and i ended up staying awake until around 2:30 am. but hey, it was worth it! and now, i'm officially a teenager! whoo hoo! so anyway, while i'm rambling along here, let me list my birthday gifts! :)

from friends:
-grey boots (which i'm in love with)
-a frame (for my photography)
-the cutest purse on the face of the earth (pictured below somewhere)
-$25 gift card to Barnes and Noble
-$15 gift card to Barnes and Noble
-$25 gift card to Old Navy

from family
-a sweater and 2 shirts (pictures to come soon)
-Wildflower by Lauren Alaina
-Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato
-Christmas CD by Taylor Swift
-earrings (i think there are some pictures :P)
-a bracelet
-$50 gift card to Amazon
-4 book set
-a Sony Dash which is the awesomest thing in the world!!

so here are many various pictures! not all of them are edited because i was lazy! ;) also, there are 2 videos (one is sideways sorry) and i would recommend playing the sound on the fireworks one if you want to uh brighten your day and/or laugh! ;) 

 ^^^my b-day cake was baked by moi!^^^ 

^^^was still in my pajamas in this picture, so sorry if i look like i just woke up; i had just woken up^^^ 

below: my party! 

 ^^left to right: me, mackenzie, abby, erin, and grace^^

^^^ in this video, "frizzy lizzy" is referring to another friend that wasn't with us at the time :)^^

so please enjoy my very large amount of photos that should have been posted a week ago!!
happy blogging!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the fireworks pictures! amazing! also, you should be a food photographer :)
    I'm glad you had such a great birthday!
    you know, since you never mentioned the birthday post, ash and i started to worry that you didn't see it! :) but i'm glad you thought it was "interesting." tee-hee :)
    the sony dash sounds really cool, I want one now!
    I loove that christmas CD :)
    and i still can't believe you made your own birthday cake, and it looks super delicious. you should bake me one someday :)

  2. p.s. your friends are too funny!

  3. Sounds like you had an incredible party. I hope you enjoy the Demi Lovato CD - I have it and it's great. And I lurrrrve the firework pictures :)

  4. i love those photos, especially the firework photos!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm not sure how I found your blog, but Ill be coming back!