why hello there October!

sorry that this post is 4 days late! anyway...
October is a quite wonderful and peaceful month.
leaves are falling, which brings more inspiration for me and many others.
one thing that i love about October is sundays, because, it is football season!
i'm sure some of you don't care about football and some of you may.
i am a true football fan and i have been jumping up yelling "TOUCHDOWN" since i was about 3 (no lie!)!
if any of you football fans are wondering what team i cheer for, i am a Giants fan.
so yes, this is my short but sweet October post.
also, i'm sorry people, i haven't really put out a decent post in what a week or maybe 2.
i've been crazily busy with homework, afterschool activities, and such.
tomorrow, i'm planning on going outside for a nice nature photo shoot (after Drama club), so hopefully i will have some nice photos to share!
also...how do ya'll like my new design?? personally I LOVE it!!! if you want and awesomely awesome design like this, just e-mail creativelyYOU@writeme.com

happy blogging!
P.S. I'm wanting to have a fall/halloween giveaway...anyone want to sponsor???


  1. do a fall giveaway! fun!

  2. oh, and glad you liked the design:)

  3. Im a football fan too! A BIG one! All of my brothers played/play and my dads a high school coach, so I definitely get a lot of football!

  4. Giants fan? No no no. You need to be a BEARS fan. :D