sparkling saturday {photo} contest

hey i'm back! well..i mean i wasn't really gone, but i didn't really have much to post about because it's been raining and i've had nothing to photograph :( anyway...this weeks theme for sparkling saturday is....Fall!!
it doesn't have to be like leaves, because i know some of you bloggy friends don't have leaves on the ground yet, it just has to be something that reminds you of fall. whether it's a nice warm fuzzy sweater or a glass of apply cider! just be creative, and make sure you enter by Tuesday at 12:00 pm. also..do you guys thing I should change the name to something else? i mean since i changed the name of the blog. i just want your input!

so make sure you enter!
happy blogging!

P.S. i have a really yummy recipe for cinnamon muffins that i'm going to make a tutorial video for! :D


  1. Don't change the name of your blog! It's lovely! I think maybe you should change the URL though, because it's still your last blog name.

  2. @Gloria A.

    No no, I mean the name of sparkling saturday!

  3. @Gloria A.
    I can't view your photo because it is private. Please make it public

  4. You're going to need an invite to my blog if you don't follow my blog. i think you do though

    (and yes, i did spell taste like tast) is there any way that i can change it??

  5. @Miss Emily K.
    I fixed it for you because I'm the only one that can do that!

  6. I like the blog name that you have right now, but I am sure that if you came up with a new one it would still be good. :)


  7. THANK YOU!!!! haha i felt so stupid. :)

    did you check out the picture?

    and no, i don't think that you should change the name

  8. @Miss Emily K.I just mean the name of sparking saturday not my blog name.

  9. I KNOW!! i don't think you should change the name of the contest!!!! I like it.

    but the blog name i do think you should. i liked Snap Dragon Photography better.

  10. do you have a button for this contest?