photography: {a guest post by Kelsey}

photography is a way of capturing the little things in life, whether it be an ant carrying a bread crumb or a silly pose at a sleepover.
photography is capturing the bright colors that catch your eye.
photography is fun, not fun like facebook games or angry birds (although i am addicted)
photography is a way of expressing yourself through photos.
photography is a wonderful art.

meet the author

hey y'all, i'm kelsey. i blog over at simply beautiful. kelsey's an outgoing girl who lives her life for Jesus and wishes she had a southern accent. she's a big goofball, and can't go about 5 seconds without making a joke. her blog design changes every 2 days, and she loves photography, anything pink, ice cream, and blogging. she loves to write and read in her spare time. she also sews, and loves to make flowered headbands. little kids are her favorite people to play with, and she loves to swim. she hopes you enjoy her blog! 


  1. what a wonderful guest post - photography really is something special!

  2. I love this, Kelsey! The water droplets are so cool.

  3. Pphotography can also be a different way of seeing things, a way to capture and share a new perspective. Art can make us appreciate things that we never noticed before.