a fallish post

the other day, I ventured outside into the cool breeze of fall. as I walked around, I heard the satisfying crunch of leaves that have finally fallen. The leaves are now red, orange, and yellow. although some green does still remain.I could smell that fallish smell. The one that smells of pine/ wood and leaves all mixed together.

fall is a wonderful season, and it's hard to believe that is has already come this far. soon, we will be carving pumpkins, decorating for Halloween, and drinking so much apple cider that we might possible explode. if I honestly had to choose, I must say, I think my favorite season is fall! 

it's so beautiful and full of color. it's not too hot or too cold. (although that could be debated here in NY). fall is calm, and peaceful with a rustle of leaves here and there.

happy blogging!


  1. love these photos, especially the "bokeh" flower.

  2. these pictures are all SO pretty!

  3. I loved that first picture. And just about died on the second. It was awesome! You are sooo good!
    And very glad that you posted a picture of you. A future "what i wore" post might be considered! :)

  4. LOVE that second photo--such gorgeous focus and colors!

  5. Very nice pictures!!!!

    Love the first and second!!

  6. that picture of you is adorable Francesca!!!


  7. Gorgeous photos! The focus in the last one is AMAZING! What kind of camera do you have? I enjoyed seeing a photo of you. :)