random ramblings

so today, i couldn't really think of a post idea, but there was a lot of stuff on my mind that i want to tell you (even thought they don't really have a purpose).

1. i am drinking juice
2. i got 2 really cool earrings on saturday!
3. i can't believe that there is only 66 days till I turn 13! (I'm pathetic I know) ;D
4. i can't wait till Christmas cause I'm hopefully getting a Canon! ;D
5. our (me and Ashlyn's) design blog is welcoming a new member of the design team...Mary Ann!!
6. i'm sick, and i don't feel great :P
7. i didn't go to school today because of number 6
8. i feel like taking pictures, but i can't go outside
9. i really wish i could photograph some little kid with a professional camera
10. my little cousins are really cute! (pictures to come!)
11. i think i might sell my old camera that i never use.
12. i think i'm going to change my profile picture
13. i currently have 3 pen pals! ;D
14. i want apple pie
15. i wish i could have a puppy :(  (like this one!) (or this one!)
16. i just went on Google to look up pictures of puppies!
17. i think i'm going to make multiple collages of puppy pictures
18. i need an inspirational wall with pictures on it.
19. i'm going to watch Tangled today! (on DVD of course)
20. i think that 20 random ramblings is enough for one day!

well that was longer than i expected it to be, but now you know 20 out of maybe 50 things that are going on in my head right now!! ;D

happy blogging!


  1. You have three pen pals!!?!!??!! Lucky! I have been trying to find a pen pal FOREVER! Oh and I love tangled, also that 1st puppy might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any pets?

  2. I enjoyed reading your random list. :)
    I hope you feel better soon!
    I am in LOVE with Tangled! Sooo much!


  3. @maura
    Yeah I have 4 cats..that is the reason why we can't get a dog. Plus my mom is allergic so we would have to get a hypo allergenic dog, but there are tons of those now!

  4. awesome list ;) im sick too :(

  5. @Emily Ruth
    I like Tangled too! I'm feeling better now! I think it was just allergies!