i think that something has gone bezerk in the mind of mother nature! 
i am in central NY state, and it is 84 degrees Fahrenheit.
and there are 5 days until October

This is weather that i swim in, during the middle of July! 
not, September!! 
well anyway... i got back from my little 2 day trip to a town 4 hours away.
visiting my many cousins and their kids (more cousins)
a 4 year old boy, Caleb. a 1 1/2 year old girl, Angie (Angela). and a 1 month old girl, Elisa (Caleb's little sister)
they are all so cute! especially Caleb who can finally say Francesca properly! 
oh how i love my family!

don't forget to enter this weeks sparking saturday!! 

happy blogging!

oh and p.s. i'm sick :P 

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  1. Well, my friend, it's gonna get to the 90's this week!!!