beautiful dragonfly.

ahh. it is quite good to be back! now my fingers can do the typing they have been longing to do. so, while i was on my lovely break, i happened to come across a dragonfly, in a very unusual way. the story is a unique one, but too long to tell. so anyway..long story short, the dragonfly died :( but, i got some very very cool pictures of it! :) so, here they are! (also, I didn't watermark these so if you want to use them on your blog please link them back to me!! I was just too lazy to watermark...or edit for that matter!!

(sorry if the head is disturbing to any of you!)

so, there they are! i found out how beautiful dragonfly wings are!
happy blogging!

P.S. do you like the new design?? :D
P.P.S. do you like the new name?? :D (it's going to change again soon!)


  1. Nice pictures.... beautiful :)

    like the new design!!

    i like the name.... maybe not as much as sunshine + moonlight photography, (maybe!) but i really really like it :) don't change it!!

  2. Love the pictures! Such cool focus!
    Love the design! bright and cheerful with a bit of fall.
    And love the new name...we chatted about that:)

  3. I love the design! It's so happy and fall-y!

  4. love the pictures--gorgeous detail. Also LOVE the new name and look! PS: Are there soap bubbles on the leaf?

  5. Amazing! His wings look like colourless stained glass windows. Pity he died :( What aperture were you using?

  6. Those are some really great pictures! I hardly even noticed the head. :) I would love to hear the story sometime. :)
    I love the new design! It's very fall-ish. I like the name, too.


  7. Beautiful pictures!!! AndI just love the new design! and the name :)