ABC's of me!

okay, so i'm "stealing" this idea from Grace, but she said we could so..
age? twelve. (almost 13!!)
bed size? twin.
chore you hate? making my bed :P
dogs? no dogs. :(
essential start to your day? hmm...clothes??
favorite color? blue or green
height? 5'4
instruments you play? piano (kinda) soon guitar! :D
kids? nope. see "age".
live? new york (not city)
mother's name? kristine (tina)
nicknames? frannie, frank/frankie, fran, etc.
overnight hospital stays? nope!
pet peeves? when people do not capitalize things that should be (excluding my blog!)
quote from a movie? 
"Eating greens is a special treat. It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat."-Thumper; Bambi 
right or left handed? right handed.
siblings? no, sadly :(
underwear? umm yeah!
vegetable you hate? onions. ick.
what makes you run late? when i take too long changing my outfit 10,000,000 times, or figuring out a hairstyle.
xrays that you've had: teeth, and ribs (because i was coughing too much and ended up getting an inhaler)
yummy food that you make? hmm..does mac & cheese count? no? well then, pasta, grilled cheese, and PB& J
zoo animal? sea lions!! (not sharks!! they freak me out!)

so ya like it?? it let's you know a little more about me! 

happy blogging!
P.S. will have a decent picture of me coming soon because school picture days were today! :D


  1. SO, your favorite quote, my little sister used to say that perfectly when she was 5-6!!

    so cute!!