Winner of Sparkling Saturday!

why hello! 
ha ha!
i'm sorry, but most of you probably don't know why i am laughing.
i was at my friends house and we were performing a play and my friend was a creepy guy and he said "why hello!" 

yeah we're weird and you probably didn't need to know that but, oh well!

anyway! today, i am announcing the winner of this weeks Sparkling Saturday. 
the winner is.....Ali!!


isn't that a pretty picture?? i think it's really unique and i love the jeans in the background! great picture!

also, beware!!
in a good way because...
the 30 follower giveaway starts on September 1st!!!!!
yeah! i'm super excited and i want to get a lot of entries...so ENTER!!!
it is going to be lots of fun and there are good prizes!

so thats all for now and i hope you guys have a good week especially since school is almost here! 
(if it already isn't for you!)

happy blogging!