Sparkling Saturday {Photo} Contest

hey everyone! It's so nice to be back home so I can use my own trusty computer and not my mom's laptop. Her laptop works just fine she just doesn't have Microsoft 2010 which I have on my computer and somehow she deleted the game application so I have nothing to do in the car! Anyway, you probably didn't need to know all that but oh well! so since the reason that i am posting is that, this weeks theme for the Sparkling Saturday Contest is, 

here is my example!

yesterday, I got some golden hour bokeh pictures that I think are really pretty and will post about later! (along with a LOT of other stuff too!) so just link up below because i can't wait to see your entries!! you have until Tuesday the 16th at 9:13 AM to enter, so don't be late! Ah and also, If i get the bokeh post done today, I will post my {almost} 25 follower giveaway! and i will add the buttons of my lovely sponsors, as promised! there are lots of prizes so thank you to everyone who sponsored! I will also post my PA trip along with Ohio and Niagara Falls too! but probably not today or tomorrow! i can't believe that there is less than a month left of school! summer! (I was in bed when I wrote this in my blog posts journal so I accidentally put school instead of summer. I was tired okay?) ;D I can't wait for 7th grade to start! am I the only one who is excited for school?

happy blogging!

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  1. Ooh, good theme! I can't wait for the giveaway and the trip photos! I guess I'm excited for school, but summer isn't over yet!