hey guys!

sorry i didn't announce this sooner, but the winner of last weeks Sparkling Saturday Contest theme is...Maura! congrats Maura! sorry that i didn't make you a winners button, you can use one from the previous posts if you want but i just got back from a sleepover and may possibly be sick :P so i wasn't really in the mood to make a button. and guys, i got back from my sleepover to 25 followers..you guys are so awesome!! that really did make me feel a bit better because my stomach hurts right now. anyway..if i don't find the missing prize soon, i'm not going to include it and when i do find it, i will use it as a prize for a Sparkling Saturday Contest. so speaking of that, if you guys want to enter, this weeks them is pets and you can enter here!!

happy blogging!


  1. that stinks that you're not feeling well! hope you feel better. :]

  2. thanks Ali!! also, did you get the photo print that i sent you from winning the Borderless giveaway?

  3. Sorry that you're feeling a bit sick :(