friendship bracelets

i love, and always have loved, making friendship bracelets. i think it's creative all the different patterns that you can make simply out of knots! I was working on a friendship bracelet the other day using a pattern called "Chivron". don't ask me why it's called that, I just call it a "V" bracelet. :D I really like this pattern and the colors I chose! Here are two pictures of the finished bracelet. I like it, dont you?

do you want a bracelet like this one? if so, e-mail me here! I'm also thinking on putting a page with all the different patterns I can do for bracelets. do you guys think that would be a good idea? would you even be interested in getting a free bracelet?

thanks for the input!


  1. I'm so jealous that you can make friendship bracelets! I absolutely want one!! I think it's a fabulous idea!!

  2. Thanks! I can make you one if you want!