SUPER sorry!!

hey guys! i just wanted to apologize for my absence! my friend bella slept over sunday into monday which turned into sunday to thursday so i was a bit pre occupied! today i am packing for my trip, we are leaving tomorrow!! i can't wait to go to the beach and take some pictures! i hope you guys enjoy the guest posts! i'm really sorry that i dont have any pictures today! today the 2nd part of the 7th harry potter movie comes out at midnight! but i can't go because i have to leave tomorrow, so i am going to see it while i am on vacation! so i just thought i'd let you guys know why i haven't posted in so long, and you will have a nice guest post tomorrow! aaand...surprise! my aunt agreed to do an interview for me, and a photoshoot so i'm planning to post that sometime during my vacation, if not i will post it when i get home. so that's all for now!

P.S. starting January 1st of 2012 i will be doing a 366 day photography calendar because next year is a leap year!

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