fun, fun, fun!

ok so to make this post not SUPER short, i'm probably going to babble a little bit about some random stuff. and i didn't feel like taking pictures today so i'm using pictures from google. alright so first off, i want to tell you guys a SUPER fun thing that you can do if you have a trampoline. so right now, i have no pool to cool off in because we have to get our liner replaced :P so what i do since i have a trampoline, i put the sprinkler under the trampoline and voila! SO much fun! that is what i did for a good hour today LOL.

i also think that i am going to start a photography business and hand out flyers around my neighborhood. if any of you live around Rome, Utica, (NY) or around that area just contact me with the email listed on the Contact Me page. 

i also wanted to let you guys know ahead of time that from the 15th - 23rd i will be in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on vacation. its where my grandparents live and we go there every summer. right now i am DYING to go there because i haven gone swimming!!!!! so what i really am trying to get at is that...i will have computer access!! but i am 100% sure that i wont want to post every day. now to the point. anyone who wants to GUEST POST!!, please email me at sunmoonphotos8@aol.com. i dont need guest posters for the whole time but i would like at least 4 or 5! so i will end with that and a nice picture of the beach.

also i will be taking LOTS of pictures while i am in Cape Cod and once i get back to NY i will post them all for you to see!! so please e-mail me if you would like to guest post!!!

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