truth our dare?

today i was at my friend Elizabeth's house and we played (you guessed it) truth or dare. it's always a fun game, but sometimes...well you get the point. so anyway....we were playing it and Elizabeth dared me to walk down her street with a pillow on my head, so i figured eh what the heck. so i slowly made my way down the side walk making sure i didn't step on anything lol. and (this ones a bit disgusting) she dared me to sniff a dead squirrel :P. i had no choice but to chicken on that one. so all in all i had a really fun time at her house, we rode on her motor scooter, roasted "weenies", made s'mores, made random videos and played with her doggy Willow. so that was my saturday aand...this weeks Sparkling Saturday contest theme is...FUN IN THE SUN!! it doesn't really have to be the sun, just outside because i know that some of you (like me) haven't had enough sun to take a picture so just outside is fine too. winners will be announced on tuesday, so please enter!! last week no one entered :( to enter just comment below with the link to your picture; it can be on blogger or flicker or twitter, or you can just email me at sunmoonphotos8@aol.com.

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