modern music.

so today..i was listening to music and remembered some "music" that I had heard the other day. now, it seems that music has turned into something that is 95% not  music...rap and all that stuff..i really don't consider music. i mean a little is okay but like if a whole song is rap i will turn it off. and another thing is when someone in a car has their music turned up so loud that when they drive by you can feel the bass. so anyway...the real reason i am talking about music is because i am listing some of my personal favorites right now. also if you guys like rap...i don't mean to offend you it's just my opinion. also i know i didn't do the Sparkling Saturday contest i was at the Relay for Life until midnight yesterday and I didn't really have time to run the contest so sorry i promise i will have it next week. aaand one last thing before my list of songs...i know i have to change my header because it's already the 5th...i'm working on it and the button and they should be up today or tomorrow.. ok song time!

these aren't in any specific order because i love them all!

Beggin' On Your Knees 
By: Victoria Justice

By: Taylor Swift

Who Says
By: Selena Gomez

Gift of  A Friend
By: Demi Lovato
 (It's my 6th grade graduation song..gotta love it!)

Born This Way
By: Lauren Alaina
(High five to all you American Idol fans!!)

so as of right now i can't think of any other songs that i really like. i'm hoping that my schedule will be less busy from now on so i will be able to continue posting every day..and tomorrow i will have pictures!!

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