little bit late!

sorry that i haven't posted in a couple of days...i was super busy on wednesday and thursday, and on friday i was on the road to Long Island. so that is where i am now! we are exploring NYC today and hopefully i will be able to take some good pictures! we are going to the Harry Potter Expedition thing. (its like a museum of all the props that were used in the movies) we are going to the American Girl Place, we might go to Macy's, and we are going to see the Empire State Building too! yesterday night we went to the Mets game, but we left a little bit early and they lost anyway.  :( so if i take any pictures this weekend i will try to post them up the day i take them, but i'm not sure if i'll get around to it. aand...the whole reason i really came here is because my cousin is getting married on sunday so that should be fun because i don't see them very often. have you ever gone to NYC? what did you do?

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