assignment for history...yuck!

so last week on wednesday (the 1st day i was sick) my social studies (aka history) teacher assigned a project that i found out about today. we have to either write and essay or make a poster on a holiday of our choice. it can be pretty much any holiday, and it can be a foreign holiday too! so we went to the computer lab during social studies class today, and we all did research on our holidays (except for me, i was choosing my holiday) and i went through 3 different holidays before my teacher finally said yes. first i suggested National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. (he said no) then i said Earth Day (still no! i mean come on it's our planet!) then i suggested National Kids Day (uh huh still no) so i finally decided on Mardi Gras which he agreed to. i still wish i could have done National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, but I think designing a poster for Mardi Gras will be lots of fun! so i have decided that i will post pictures of it as soon as i finish it (which will be soon because it is due on this thursday!) so after i am done blogging i have to do some research on Mardi Gras and plan out my poster. the poster part i consider fun because it involves gluing! a fun thing to do! and research is why i added the "yuck!" part to the title of this post. anyway i'm sure you guys don't really want to read more of my rambling and complaining so i'll end this post here and hopefully tomorrow's post will have more pictures!! oh and btw..this week is supposed to be more...yep you guessed it rain!! grrrr!!

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